Meet the Model: Paige

My ‘Meet the Model’ series gives you a little information about the models I shoot with.

Beautiful young Paige was the first model I ever shot when I changed from nature, landscape and architectural photography to shooting lifestyle, glamour and nude photography.

Natural, fun and easy-going are words that describe former California girl Paige who now calls Florida home. She belongs in the sun, whether it be West Coast or East, although one of her great loves is more in the dark, as a gamer on her computer. You could call her a geek, but chameleon-like, she can transform from nerdy to sexy model so that you might be forgiven for thinking they were two different people.

I met her in St. Petersburg, Florida on a road trip with my vintage Volkswagen bus, which was perfect for my envisioned ‘Hippie Girl’ photo shoot, inspired by the free love 1970’s.
Paige made the perfect ‘Flower Child’ hippie girl.

We were honestly both pretty nervous, as it was not only my first nude photo shoot, but her first time shooting nude as well.

To make things even more exciting, we were shooting at a very public outdoor place with a lot of people around.

Paige was amazing, pushing through her shyness and uncertainty and finally embracing her true ‘Hippie Girl’ spirit.
She is absolutely beautiful, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to capture her for the first time in these very special photos.

Paige is still modeling, but is also an abstract artist and is pursuing make up and cosmetics.
She is an avid gamer and loves cosplay.

You can find Paige on Instagram at:

Photos with Paige