Photo Shoot: Anja at Home

My last photo shoot before we all ended up staying home was with beautiful Anja, appropriately enough at her home.

It was the first photo shoot I have done at a model’s home, so I was not sure what to expect.

There are challenges in home shooting, mostly relating to lighting and space constraints. I shoot with my fixed focal length 50mm/1.4 lens, which is my favorite, and it is pretty forgiving in low light conditions. The down side is that it’s hard to get back far enough sometimes, especially in more confined spaces.

As most of my photo shoots have been either outdoors or in fairly large open studios, it hasn’t been a problem, but if I do shoot more in smaller spaces, I’m definitely going to need a new wide angle lense.

Anja and her partner were welcoming and open, and the photo shoot was casual, relaxed and without any real structure. We experimented with some of my ideas and a lot of Anja’s ideas, and the theme became a ‘domestic’ household chores concept.


We started off in the laundry room with Anja making sure everything was squeaky clean before moving on to ironing those clothes!

We then moved on to her bedroom, where the evening sun created a beautiful soft light.

Then finished up vacuuming in the upper hall…

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2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot: Anja at Home

  1. This is a beautiful series and Anja is a beautiful model. The results of this shoot with the 50mm in close quarters I find to be spectacular. The “fill the frame” approach and results are very much in line with the style of shooting that I am developing for myself as I learn more about shooting with models. Sometimes I might do it a bit too much and have consciously backed out further to add more to the shot. Time and time again I find that I am happiest with the results that are closer in and that result is often enhanced by cropping during editing.

    I don’t own the 50 mm 1.4 (yet) but have shot a lot with a low end 40 mm pancake prime on a crop sensor so the composition and framing results are very similar. For the longest time this was my “go-to” lens when shooting models. I have played with the 100 mm prime a few times but have not been overly happy with the results. I am not working at the professional levels and don’t have a big studio with lots of room. My studio is fairly small and for now it is suitable for my skills and budget and helpful in my development. I do believe that the 50 mm 1.4 will be the next addition to my kit.

    In this series, the first two photos on the bed are my favourite. The focus on the eyes and the depth of field are really what makes these shots for me. Everyone sees different things in photos, this is just what I see and really like.

    Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing…

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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    1. Thanks Paul, I really appreciate the comments. The bed shots are my favorite too. The 50mm prime helps a lot, and the late afternoon lighting was just perfect, but only for a very short time. I find the 50mm perfect for outdoors and larger studios. It’s only in smaller studios or at home that it can get really tight. The shots of Anja ironing as an example – I couldn’t get the angles I wanted due to the small room, door and walls.

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