Social Media Headaches

Well not only has 2020 been the most crazy year I have seen, but Social Media seems out to get people like me who post nude and explicit content.

First Instagram got bought by Facebook and have been slowly at first, and now rapidly banning all nude photos – not just explicit content.

I have tried both Patreon and OnlyFans, but they are more designed for models selling their photos. Their requirements for documentation of Third Party content are just too laborious to make it worthwhile.

I have also tried Diverxity, 500px and YouPic as well as more recently MeWe.

Here is the problem. As an artistic (and sometimes explicit) nude photographer, I want to be able to exhibit and share my work with others, but at the same time, do it in a forum that is professional, has the ability to limit the audience and will not have rules that require me to censor my work, nor require laborious documentation.

Some of the sites, like 500px and YouPic, which are decent photography sites do not allow me to limit the audience for photos, so nudes and explicit photos can be seen and copied by the public.

That’s not fair to the models, who often rely on income from their own Patreon or Only Fans. If photos of them are freely available, then it diminishes the demand for their content on their sites.

Diverxity requires people to be both members and contributors, or to buy access to content, but doesn’t allow me to control who gets access.

Instagram is popular, and a good way to drive traffic to other sites, but they have even made that increasingly difficult.

MeWe is functionally good, allowing me to control access to my posts and even allowing a ‘Close Friends’ group for contacts, much like Instagram, further allowing me to have some posts with an even smaller audience.

Unfortunately MeWe seems to have been tainted by being connected to extreme Conservative conspiracy-theory folks, so it tends to put off Liberal folks from even trying it.

It’s too bad, because I like the way the site is designed, and how they are pretty good about allowing uncensored content.

My conundrum is that my desires to share and my target audience is different from say models or even other photographers.

I want to share my quality work with people who appreciate it and can critique it. I’m not concerned about making income from the photos. I don’t want to diminish the opportunity for the models I have worked with to make income from photos, but at the same time, I don’t want to not be able to share some of the beautiful photos I have taken.

My target audience is other photographers who can critique photos from a technical perspective, models who may want inspiration or to see my work prior to working with me, and lastly those members of the general public that genuinely appreciate and want to see my work.

The way I have things set up right now, I have my main website at: which showcases my work and is the main point of contact for people to find out more about my photography. It has some limited nude content, but not a lot.

I also have a ‘premium’ site at: which is a ‘Members Only’ by subscription site where I post galleries (sets) that have uncensored content, including some more explicit content.

There is currently no cost to subscribe to – it just requires a name and email to sign up, but I can manage and control who gets access.

I like being able to both design my own site and post whatever content I want, but it is not as easy to attract users in the industry to sign up and engage.

Update: Thanks for the tips and discussion surrounding this important issue. It made me realize that I was trying to use the same round hole to fit all the pegs – round square and triangular!

Once that light went on, the headaches for trying to comply with Social Media, plus the issues of keeping certain images away from public view became clear:

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to categorize my work before, but sometimes it takes some time and discussions with others.

Based on this, I will be trying this out moving forward, and hope to alleviate some of those Social Media headaches!

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